viernes, 27 de enero de 2012


Dear students,
Finally we have come to our last blog!
I am really enthusiastic today because we will write about how to protect our environment.
Are you concerned about how we take care of our environment?
I ride my bike and walk instead of using a car or using public transport. Also I recycle and reuse and reduce as much as I can.
What do you do?
Good luck with your writing today!

- Where do people learn about environmentally
friendly practices?
- Have you incorporated recycling into your habits? Describe what you do.
- Do you use a bike or your legs instead of a car?
- Have you joined or supported any eco-organisations? Why/Why not?
- What else have you done /would you like to do?
- What have you done to reduce your carbon footprint?
- What's missing in our society/Santiago regarding this issue?
Number of words: 250 - 280
Don't forget to make comments on at least 3 of your classmates posts.

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